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Florida Orthopaedic Political Action Committee (FOPAC)
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Make a $500 contribution and we will send you a lapel pin designating you as an official FOPAC member.

Your Support Deserves Recognition

Be the envy of your peers with your official 2020 FOPAC Lapel Pin!

Support of the Florida Orthopaedic Political Action Committee signifies your commitment to advance our profession in Florida.  As a way to distinguish your commitment, Dr. Steve Lyons and the leadership of the FOS are pleased to launch our new 2020 Lapel Pins.   


Get yours today!


Contribute $500


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$1,000 Donation

Receive this lapel pin which denotes your generous contribution and support of your profession.


Florida Orthopaedic Political Action Committee (FOPAC)


The Florida Orthopaedic Political Action Committee is recognized as one of the most formidable Specialty Society PACs in Florida. Our bipartisan PAC has a strict policy to endorse only those candidates that support a pro-orthopaedic agenda in Florida.  With the support of our members, we have recorded significant victories in Florida Elections and have consistently elevated our financial engagement in each of previous 4 election cycles. 


While our success to date is notable, we know we can do more! The FOS leadership has made it a priority to significantly enhance our efforts to elect friends of medicine to the Florida Legislature.


We cannot fulfill this mission without your support.    Please consider making a contribution to elevate your voice in Tallahassee.


Click here to join the FOPAC today.


We are your voice in Tallahassee.

The FOPAC is your voice in politics in Tallahassee. Our bipartisan political action committee is committed to advancing pro-physician policies and electing politicians that support our pro-physician legislative agenda.
This legislative session we are pursuing pro-physician policies including:
  • Ending Retro-active Denials
  • Enacting a Surgical Exemption for Prior Authorization
  • Protecting Patients from the Impact of Step Therapy and Drug Therapy Switching
  • Prohibiting the Use of Specialty Titles by Non-Physician Practitioners
  • Preventing Independent Practice for ARNPs and PAs

Donate To FOPAC TODAYHelp Us Reach Our Goal Of $10,000!


To succeed in this election cycle, we have established a fundraising goal of $10,000. Will you stand with us and help support pro-physician candidates for public office? Click the "Donate to the FOPAC" button below to contribute to the FOPAC, and help assist pro-physician policies! 



The following are additional tools and resources to assist our members.

Florida Senate:

Florida House of Representatives:






2019 Legislative Session Webinars

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2019 Legislative Session Wrap Up Webinar Link Administration 5/13/2019
2019_Florida_Legislative_Wrap_Up_Webinar.pdf PDF (376.4 KB) Administration 5/13/2019
HB_843_Enrolled_Final_Version.pdf PDF (203.23 KB) Administration 5/13/2019
HB_21_CON_Repeal_Enrolled.pdf PDF (215.19 KB) Administration 5/13/2019
0023_Telehealth_Enrolled.pdf PDF (133.29 KB) Administration 5/13/2019
SB_366_Needle_Exchange_Enrolled.pdf PDF (144.61 KB) Administration 5/13/2019
SB_732_Office_Surgery_Enrolled.pdf PDF (156.53 KB) Administration 5/13/2019
HB_831_Enrolled.pdf PDF (169.29 KB) Administration 5/13/2019
64B8-9.009_FL_Board_of_Medicine__Office_Surger.doc DOC (71 KB) Administration 5/13/2019
2019 Florida Legislative Session - Week 8 Webinar Link Administration 4/30/2019
HB_843_Access_to_Primary_and_Specialty_Service.pdf PDF (249.91 KB) Administration 4/30/2019
2019_Bill_Watch_List_4-29.xlsx XLSX (25.61 KB) Administration 4/30/2019
2019_Florida_Legislative_Week_8_Update.pdf PDF (391.44 KB) Administration 4/30/2019
2019_Bill_Watch_List_4-19.xlsx XLSX (17.25 KB) Administration 4/30/2019
2019_Florida_Legislative_Week_7_Update.pdf PDF (373.54 KB) Administration 4/30/2019
2019 Florida Legislative Session - Week 7 Webinar Link Administration 4/30/2019
SB_1192_E_Prescribing_as_Amended.pdf PDF (195.42 KB) Administration 4/30/2019
HB_1243_as_Amended_and_Passed_by_House.pdf PDF (115.57 KB) Administration 4/30/2019
2019_Bill_Watch_List_4-12.xlsx XLSX (16.58 KB) Administration 4/30/2019
2019_Florida_Legislative_Week_6_Update.pdf PDF (410.5 KB) Administration 4/30/2019
2019_Bill_Watch_List_4-5.xlsx XLSX (19.12 KB) Administration 4/30/2019
2019 Florida Legislative Session - Week 6 Webinar Link Administration 4/30/2019
2019_Florida_Legislative_Week_5_Update.pdf PDF (370.57 KB) Administration 4/30/2019
2019 Florida Legislative Session - Week 5 Webinar Link Administration 4/30/2019
2019 Florida Legislative Session - Week 4 Webinar Link Administration 3/29/2019
2019_Bill_Watch_List_3-29.xlsx XLSX (16.29 KB) Administration 3/29/2019
2019_Florida_Legislative_Week_4_Update.pdf PDF (390.12 KB) Administration 3/29/2019
2019 Florida Legislative Session - Week 3 Webinar Link Administration 3/22/2019
2019_Bill_Watch_List_3-22.xlsx XLSX (17.84 KB) Administration 3/22/2019
2019_Florida_Legislative_Week_3_Update.pdf PDF (595.28 KB) Administration 3/22/2019
64B8-9.009_FL_Board_of_Medicine__Office_Surger.doc DOC (71 KB) Administration 3/22/2019
2019 Florida Legislative Session - Week 2 Webinar Link Administration 3/15/2019
2019_Florida_Legislative_Week_2_Update.pdf PDF (537.13 KB) Administration 3/15/2019
64B8-9.009_FL_Board_of_Medicine__Office_Surger.pdf PDF (67.59 KB) Administration 3/15/2019
2019_Bill_Watch_List_3-8.xlsx XLSX (17.41 KB) Administration 3/15/2019
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HB 21 - Opioid Legislation

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Webinar: Open Forum on HB 21 Opioid Legislation  Link Administration 5/11/2018
Resources for HB 21 Compliance.docx DOCX (2 MB) Administration 5/11/2018
Resources for HB 21 Compliance Clean.docx DOCX (14.47 KB) Administration 5/11/2018
Overview and Open Forum on HB 21 – 5-11-18.pdf PDF (780.32 KB) Administration 5/11/2018
HB 21 Final Engrossed.pdf PDF (673.34 KB) Administration 5/11/2018
FMA-Opioid-HB21.pdf PDF (306.54 KB) Administration 5/11/2018
Controlled Substance Legislation Passed Flori.docx DOCX (17.29 KB) Administration 5/11/2018
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